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About Green Forest Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company Cleveland, Ohio. Bill Stark formally Stark Floors.

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Way back in 1980 wall to wall carpeting had overthrown the popularity of hardwood flooring. I was often asked, “why would you want to open a hardwood refinishing company in a declining industry”. Knowing that Fads have a life-cycle and come and go, they didn't envision what I saw, and that was an opportunity to bring hardwood floor craftsmanship back to Cleveland, OH - an Industry that once had more demand than any other home improvement trade at the time


By partnering myself with Waterlox premium hardwood floor chemical company, that constructs a unique floor finish made with Tung Oil, I was able to provide my Clients something that made me different from my competition, a choice of hardwood floor finishes, not just an oil modified poly-urethane.


During that decade a new hardwood finishing product was introduced to the market. It was a water based acrylic urethane yielding a very low odor, with fast drying times. We made it our mission to become experts in the application of all the choices of hardwood floor finishes available to the marketplace.


Our  greatest  achievement (that to this day sets us apart from the competition) is our time-tested 12-step sanding process. By teaching ourselves how to perform each step of this hardwood floor sanding process, our reputation for outstanding floors has made us recognized internationally.


To this day, we receive international calls for hardwood floor refinishing advice from England, Germany, Hong Kong, as well Boston, St. Louis, New York City, Phoenix, and many more.


Some of our Clients include: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.


One of our clients was invited to dinner at a neighbor's house. The neighbor wanted to show off her newly refinished hardwood floors. My client called me the next day to say that as soon as she entered her neighbor's home, she knew that she did not hire Green Forest to do her work. She told me that her floor were so far superior to her neighbor's that she couldn't help but notice the difference.


My  hope  is  that  you  will  allow  us  to  transform  your  floor  to a Green Forest Floor.

Some of our Clients include:


Case Western Reserve University


Cleveland Museum of Art


Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

Bill Stark,


Green Forest Hardwood Floor Refinishing LLC.

Cleveland, Ohio

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