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Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Our 12 Step Sanding Process

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Our 12 Step Sanding Hardwood Refinishing Sanding Process - Unique & Adaptive Yielding World Class Results That Must Be Seen and Felt.

Sanding hardwood floors is the most critical process in refinishing hardwood floors to their natural beauty. To do this step properly takes years of experience and the ability to adapt to different situations since every hardwood floor is unique. This not only applies to the hardwood floors in a single structure but from one side of a room to the opposite side of the room with the same hardwood floor material.


One of the keys to our unique sanding process is to "listen" to what the hardwood floor is telling us. Texture, coatings, wear, grooves,  and other imperfections dictate how we approach each given area.


Another big challenge is to sand with consistency from one side of the room to another. This is a true skill acquired through many years of discipline and experience.


To achieve our exceptional level of quality we use a combination of commercial grade floor sanders and a hand scraping process to address the edges and corners of a room.


Our sanding process consists of multiple passes using coarse, medium and fine media incorporating both machine and hand tools to achieve exceptional results. This unique technique was developed through years of experience making this our signature trademark of quality.

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Our unique hardwood floor sanding technique allows the true beauty of your floors to be revealed that will be appreciated year after year.

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