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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Prices Cleveland, Ohio

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Prices for Cleveland, Ohio

Most consumers base their purchase decisions on price alone. Although this is one's first instinct, the end result in most cases turns out to be dissatisfaction, with regret. The consumer then contemplates, "if I had only spent a little more money, I could have got what I really wanted". Or, since I chose the lower priced option, and the performance of the lower priced item proved to fail much earlier than anticipated, resulting in me now spending double the amount, which could have been avoided in the first place. This common scenario can be avoided by weighing all the pro's and con's at the point of commitment.


In almost every case, when we provide our price for a hardwood floor refinishing project, our prices are higher than the competition. This is simply because we use a sanding process that exceeds the competition's methodology. One must also factor in the quality of the products we use, and how we use them. These factors play a major role in why we are more expensive. Our hardwood floor process is just more superior full circle, yielding uncompromising results, performance, and beauty. Our superior hardwood floor refinishing process was developed with decades of hands on experience. Our process has improved even more, with the advent of new cutting edge "green" products yielding even greater performance than just a few years ago. We work hand in hand with one of the top manufacturers of hardwood floor refinishing products giving us a clear advantage over our competition.


If you are seeking uncompromising results, high performance, and true value in the longterm, Green Forest Hardwood Floor Refinishing is your most logical choice in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

General Pricing For Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Cleveland, Ohio

As with any project, all projects are unique, and require a physical evaluation. The prices below are provided to give you an general estimate or ball park idea on cost. We do this to stream line the sales process, helping consumers to decide if they are ready to commit, and take the process to the next level with Green Forest. Please realize, we are not in the business to provide the lowest quote, but are in business to work with clients that see the true value in our workmanship, want the very best in technique using superior products, and are ready to commit to hiring us.

If quality, longevity, and doing it right the first time are principals you respect, then we are your only choice to refinish your hardwood floors in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Package Options


Best - $7.00 /sq ft


12 Step Sanding Process

2 coats of Tung Oil Stain / Sealer

3 coats of Commercial Acrylic Urethane Finish


Better - $6.00 /sq ft


12 Step Sanding Process

2 coats of Tung Oil Stain / Sealer

2 coats of Residential Acrylic Urethane Finish


Good - $5.00 /sq ft


12 Step Sanding Process

1 coat of Tung Oil Stain / Sealer

2 coats of Builder Grade Acrylic Urethane Finish



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